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I am a Dentist in Iowa and I just wanted to let everyone out there know what a terrible insurance company Delta of Iowa is. They deny more claims than they pay; their customer service is terrible, they dictate what treatment is and is not allowed for patients.

If patients knew how bad they were they would be shocked. They look for every excuse out there to deny claims....why do people even bother paying their premiums every month? They deny almost all crowns, even those that clearly follow their very limited criteria. No matter how decayed or damaged a tooth is, they basically do not cover a crown unless the tooth is already broken.

The problem is oftentimes by the time that happens the tooth ends up being nonrestorable. The reps they have in the office deciding what gets covered and what gets denied have zero knowledge or dental training.

Yet they tell Doctors what treatment is best for the patient basically to screw patients and dental offices out of money. Do not get this insurance!

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Burlington, Vermont, United States #661141

Do the math; maximum Delta Dental coverage or payout amounts to 2x premium per year. Doesn't take long to chew up the maximum payout with current dental charges for services.

Thinking of self coverage by setting aside premium amounts I would pay in and negotiate with dentist.

No paper work to process for the dentist and gets immediate payment! The high cost of dental work will be out of pocket anyway with Delta Dental!

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