I had Metlife dental provided to retirees my old employer until Jan. 1st of this year.

I signed up for Delta Dental gold program at the cost of $68.73 per month. My wife and I went to our out of network dentist on Feb. 26 for a checkup and cleaning. The cost for this service was $135 each.

I just received my claim information and Delta Dental of Illinois paid $24 each. I thought this was in error, but I was told it was correct. I was told I had a $50 yearly deductable and my dentist is out of network.

I'd like to know where in network you could find a dentist that would provide a cleaning and checkup for $24 plus $50 deductable. or $74.

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Naples, Florida, United States #622114

Someone else who buys insurance and never reads the policy. Also, how would the dentist know about your insurance UNLESS YOU GAVE THEM THE INFORMATION TO FILE THE CLAIM?????

to LadyScot Elmhurst, Illinois, United States #623046

I read the policy and everything look okay. I called delta Dental and they wouldn't tell me how much they pay an out of network dentist for cleaning and a checkup.

Two of my daughters have Delta Dental group plan, they both go to my dentist who is out of network for them also. They have no deductable for cleaning and checkups. Delta Dental pays all but $13 for the $135 cleaning and chuckup. I made the big mistakte of assuming they would cover me the same way.

Delta Dental said that group coverage is different than single polcy. I didn't think they would only cover only 50% of the cost after the deductable is paid. Do the math policy cost $824 per year my first cleaning paid $24 my wife first cleaning paid $24 my second cleaning will pay $74 wife second cleaning will pay $74. This is a max.

return of $192 for $824 in cost.

I policy states I have to be with Delta Dental 1 year before they pay for anything major. The information was provided to Delta Dental by my dentist the same way my daughters is provided.

to Anonymous Naples, Florida, United States #623049

Your policy is not the same as your daughter's, therefore you will nor pay the same or have the same coverage. Different plans cover different services. Your daughter's dental needs may not be the same as yours.

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