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Here's the deal: they suck and they couldn't care less about customer service if they tried.Here's my story: I chose a dentist from their plan and went to him in good faith.

He said I had a pocket between my tooth and gum and that I needed a root canal. He performed the service improperly (unbeknownst to me at the time). After several months' worth of billing issues with this knucklehead I switched to a new dentist. He x-rayed the tooth in question and found that not only did I need another root canal, but the crown wasn't fitted properly.

Delta Dental denied the claim, saying that they only cover a crown every 5 years. As per the Delta Dental "customer service" rep's advice I disputed the denial and requested that Delta Dental go after the first dentist to recoup OUR monies and get this tooth handled properly. They took a look at this improperly fitted crown sitting on top of a still-infected tooth and decided that somehow this was my fault. So my dentist sends them information detailing the improper care .

. . I send them a certified letter explaining that the tooth doesn't fit right and is causing problems when I chew . .

. and they decide to let their buddy keep the money. They don't care about me or my dental health. Only the premiums.

I'm paying $100/month for a dental company that not only keeps crappy dentists on their plan, but also fails to support their paying customers.I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL THE NEXT OPEN ENROLLMENT TO KICK THIS BUNCH OF WORTHLESS MONEY-GRUBBERS TO THE CURB.

Review about: Delta Dental Dental Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.


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I have always found dental insurance to be rather worthless.You really don't get much for your premiums.

Best to just save your money and when you have a problem, go to your own dentist in private practice---never one of the dental mills---and pay for whatever you need done.

You will come out ahead overall.A root canal and a new crown only costs something like two grand if both are done.

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