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Delta dental has a group plan that reads that it will pay 50% coverage for orthodontic work but it will only pay a lifetime of $1500 per patient. Delta cannot provide one orthodontist name that charges are approximately in the $3000 range which would be equal to the lifetime maximum payment of $1500.

They do infact state they do not know of any ortho's that charge in the $3000 range and patients should anticipate to pay out of pocket $4-10000 and their 50% does not correlate to any actual charges.

Delta cannot explain the reason for the maximum payout vs. a 50% payout of actual charges.

If a company is going to provide an explanation of benefits they should be able to back their numbers with facts and doctors that are in their network and they base their payouts on.

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I doubt you will find a dentist who respects Delta Dental. What does that tell you?

Let me show you something Delta would rather consumers not know: In Delta's list of the DeltaCare USA practices in Austin, Texas: 4 out of the top ten are Castle Dental franchises. Castle dental has an F rating with the Austin Better Business Bureau.

Delta Dental is a sleazy discount dentistry brokerage unaccountable to dentists or patients. Delta is dentistry by the lowest bidders with no quality control. Dishonesty with everyone is how they stay in business.

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