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I have Ucare which provides dental insurance through Delta Dental. The problem is no one takes this *** dental insurance and I now can see why (they dont pay their insurance claims) As a result there are 5 dentists available in my state.

The closest one is 2 hours away one way and I had to wait 2 years & have my face swell up like a balloon before I was even seen!! I now have 2 abscess teeth on the top and have already went in to the doctor and got antibiotics. I went to the dentist 2 hours away 5 days after the antibiotics they looked didnt pull anything and referred me to an oral surgeon who is over 4+ hours away one way and hasn't called me back. My face and gums are now swollen a 2nd time & my car has broken down and of course this insurance doesnt offer medical rides over 60 miles.

I am going through this song and dance AGAIN and this time I will scream and threaten to sue them or my family can if I keel over dead. They should have removed the two *** teeth at the dentist 5 days after antibiotics when my face wasnt swollen but they did nothing and its not like I can get a 2nd opinion by another dentist or oral surgeon. Oh and once I finally do get to the surgeon they are going to rip out ALL my teeth even good ones on the bottom and expect me to go toothless for 4 months (required by this insurance) before dentures or I can pay them $2,000 out of pocket for a temp set or looking like a *** hillbilly. I wont be able to work at the front desk and greet customers with no *** teeth!

Being on this insurance is like being a conveyor belt where dentists do the bare minimum to help you because this insurance sucks. They do whatever they need to to see you the least. Ripping out all the teeth by oral surgeon fixes any future appointments I might otherwise have.

I already have medical issues like thyroid & severe chronic depression so I am sure being toothless for 4 months and unable to do my job or get a pay check will help that a ton. Pissed consumer is a under statement!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Delta Dental Medical Claim.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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