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I had Delta Dental Premium coverage at my job for four years. The only two things they EVER covered properly were extractions and tooth cleanings. That was could get your teeth cleaned, or pulled out completely with no replacement tooth. The first time I wanted a crown instead of an extraction, I was told by the dentist's receptionist that DD covered it. They did NOT cover it. They covered - are you ready for this? - 5% of the cost. That was nearly $700 out of my pocket, two weeks' salary...for one freaking crown.

When I called Delta Dental up and raised ***, they told me that this is their policy on any patient over age 50. I said, WHAT??? They said yes, their position was that if you're older than 50 and your tooth cracks, it's your fault for getting older. Tough luck. I tried argjuing with them that if my *** tooth had cracked at age 25 or 30, THAT would have indicated that I wasn't taking care of my teeth, but having it last until age 58 was pretty darn good. Needless to say, they didn't see it my way. So every time after that when a tooth cracked, I had to have it extracted as that was the only thing they would cover.

Stay away from these crooks...unless you enjoy having a mouth full of holes where your teeth used to be.

Review about: Delta Dental Dental Crown Service.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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San Francisco, California, United States #1076803

The company you worked for bought that coverage. Delta Dental did not hand it to you.

There are many plans that are presented to your employer and your employer bought that one. It could not have been a preimum coverage. If were covered 100% of everything, which I doubt you would not have this gripe.

You got what your employer paid for. Period.

East Weymouth, Massachusetts, United States #932597

Delta Dental is the worst - it's appalling that they get away with providing as little as they do. They cover nothing, not even nitrous for a tooth extraction.

I had to get an implant, and a crown, and they didn't cover a single penny of it. Fcuking crooks -


I agree they are a rip off. I went to a dentist and paid cash with no insurance.

I paid more my next visit with insu ance. Frauds and retards and you wonder why USA is *** up

Norwich, New York, United States #744688

Let me tell you about my experience with Delta Dental. I have a jaw problem due to teeth grinding and I need an aclusal guard, one of those plastic things the dentist makes and costs 625 bucks.

Well when I was working at the time in prison as a corrections officer I lost mine while working and I have been retired for ten years now and my jaw is acting up again and jaw is clicking and soon my jaw will lock up as it did before but Delta Dental only pays for one in a lifetime! How absurd is that? I appealed that decision and they still refused and that is why I think Delta Dental sucks! I am trying to live on retirement and a pension and I still can't make it from month to month.

My car is a wreck (all the warning lights are on) I cannot afford to have anything fixed let along health issues. :cry

Garland, Texas, United States #742421

I have been in dentistry for 27 years. I can tell you, without a doubt, Delta Dental sucks.

They stall, deny, throw away xrays and claims and do anything else they can to avoid payment. I NEVER recommend Delta Dental to patients.


Waiting 4 months for a replacement check for a dental premium check that I paid out of pocket for. First they sent it to my old address, it was not forwarded.

Then I called back and they've been giving me the run around for over a month. They are now telling me that it's going to take up to another 30 days for a check to be mailed out. What's messed up is I called on 6/3 and 6/12, they're just now telling me an email was sent for a replacement on 6/24.

What took so long for the request!???

Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States #600216

I have spent 16000. of my families income on my wifes teeth and all I got from Delta was the run a round.

I work for a fortune 500 company and make a good living, but didnt realize I was paying for *** insurance. At every turn they found a way to find one reason or another not to pay. Lets see I spend 16000. and they spend 433.00.

What a JOKE!!!!!! I am cancelling my insurance and have called my State Farm agent. I have been his customer for 30 years. If he treats me the same way I will kick him to the curb also.

Oh Ya, it only cost about six dollars more a year for me and my wife.

It may only be 2000.00 per year of coverage but I have his word and always have. Didnt expect the world from Delta, Just wanted them to keep their word.

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